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This is just some other stuff that I do. Be it for a project, for a client or just for fun.
Some of it makes me go crazy while others keep me sane.
type book
still young
Typography II
A book based on the study of typography from a narrartive standpoint progressing towards the expressive.
Still Young
A portrait of my grandfather where I experimented with stencil, spray paint and other kinds of media..
Clam up!
This is a clam shell box that was made using chipboard, cloth, and very clean and precise work.
flatback binding
custom chucks
custom munny
Book Bindings
These books here use a flat back binding technique.
Custom Chucks
Decided to draw on something new and make some very personalized shoes.
Just a Munny I picked up and decided to doodle on and came up with this.
charcoal drawing
This was a study of focal point, lines, implied lines and controlling shades of graphite.
Hey it's Munkie!
PIcked up one of those blank Munnies and decided to make it look like my identity. People have offered to buy this.
Portrait drawing
Portrait drawing that I did for fun. It was done in charcoal, which happens to be one of my favorite mediums.
birthday poster
rock with you
This was a school project I did when I was a freshman. It was featured in a few juried exhibitions in it's early days.
I occasionally setup facebook events and when I do I tend to design an event image for it of some sorts.
I Want to Rock With You
A little bit of experimenting with texture and pattern to get that vintage, distressed look.
today is the day
Today is the day
Here I experimented with color, light and overlaying techniques to acheive a retro look.