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sneaker freak
so many footsteps
skate or die
Happy Valentine's Day
Roses die, chocolates just make people fat, and stuffed animals are cheesy. But these words are forever.
Just Keep Smiling
Sometimes you feel like ffolding. Don't give up, just keep smiling for there will be better days ahead.
Hide and Seek
How much of the words can we hide? How much do we need to seek for the rest?
sneaker freak
so many footsteps
skate or die
Sneaker Freak
Poster design with a theme based on shoes, urban, graffiti, etc. Using vector and image art.
So Many Footsteps
Design that can be used as a poster design, background or pattern. The design consists of a shoe soles using CMYK.
Skate or Die
Zumiez poster design that experimented with color, light and glowing effects.
always on my mind
munkie graphics
the protector
Always On My Mind
A design that I came up to show the inner workings of my mind pertaining to life and design.
Munkie Graphics
A self promotional piece I did using my logo and design influences from currency designs.
The Protector
I am a strong believer of Buddhism and I believe that everyday Buddha provides me with protection.
love and happiness
A design I came up with after the passing of my grandmother. I feel that she was the glue that held us all together.
Love & Happiness
Typographical study. Type and words are based on the song, "Love and Happiness," by Al Green.
Munkie Graphics - Evolutionary
This is student work, aposter design that was featured in CMYK Magazine.
give me music
dot dot dot
always on my mind
Give Me Music
Poster design with a theme based on music. Experimented with type, depth and texture.
Dot Dot Dot
Call for entries poster design for Cal Poly Pomona's annual student art show.
Always On My Mind
A design with a focus on the study of type, color usage, depth, and lighting effects.
masque of the red death
iPod - Nouveau Edition
An art movement inspired poster for a Nouveau Edition iPod.
Masque of the Red Death
Theatre performance poster design.
Designed this poster for my brother as a birthday gift to him. I made two versions of this for his picking.
are we the same?
Poster design with a theme based on shoes, urban, graffiti, etc. Using vector and image art.
A typographical study poster design with words dealing with respect of the lack of it.
Are We The Same?
A campaign design dealing with the issues of religion here in the United States.
i love my fit
I Love My Fit
Honda Fit campaign poster to get viewers interested in the vehicle. Aimed at younger audiences.
Tron Legacy (Unofficial)
Tron movie poster that I designed for fun. Disney, if you see this you should hire me!
You're Just My Type
Experimental typography study. On the words: You're just my type.
let go
Another typography study. This time on overlapping forms and still playing with light and shadow.
Could You Believe
This is some typography where I based the design on a song by ATB.
Let Go, Please
Cut, snipe, delete, nudge, move. I did a little bit of everything to cut up these letterforms.
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direct courier
thai hot pot
hair by heidi
Direct Courier
Identity system creation for a local courier service in the Los Angeles area.
Thai Hot Pot
Identity system creation for a local Thai family oriented dining restaurant.
Hair by Heidi
An identity system created for a mobile hair styling service who will go to client's place to get their hair done.
la chiro
LA Chiro Spa & Holistic Center
Information and logo design was already supplied. The task was to layout the card in a clean and tasteful way.
Logo design for an online vinyl decal service who caters to racers and admirers of automotive racing.
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music center 1
music center promo
dwell baby
Music Center Promo I
This is a logo in motion project for the Music Center's logo in Los Angeles, California. (11MB)
Music Center Promo II
A motion from for the Music Center's 2007 Spotlight Awards with the focus on printmaking. (18MB)
Dwell Baby
A motion project using the patterns and designs from Dwell's baby line. (5MB)
You're The Father
Kinetic typography study using dialogue from the movie, "Knocked Up". Rated for Mature Audiences due to the use of strong language. (13MB)
Kinetic typography study using dialogue from the song, "Cheated" by Mike Posner. (21MB)
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honda fit flash site
flash portfolio site
portfolio site
Honda Fit Website
A website for the 2007 Honda Fit. It's purpose is to educate viewers of it's character and specifications.
Personal Flash Portfolio Site
A previous version of my website that was done in flash.
Munkie Graphics
A previous version of my portfolio website that was done in HTML utilizing CSS and Javascript.